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Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The interest in Blockchain and particularly crypto technology is now higher than ever. In fact, Bitcoin is mentioned on social media every 3 seconds, and to date, there are nearly 3000 cryptocurrencies on various platforms globally.

Despite the crypto boom however, the price of listing, on a crypto exchange can be quite expensive, in-addition to transaction charges incurred by the crypto exchange platforms. Because of this, there is a new trend in play. As some cryptocurrencies are now creating their own exchanges to meet the minimum requirements to avoid exchange listing fees.

The creators of new cryptos are opting for white-label solutions that can meet their minimum business requirements and have some in-built trading functionalities that cannot be altered or customised. White label solutions effectively cater to the MVP requirement for businesses and therein lies a boon and a bane for crypto innovators. Where there is a possibility for investors to get a ready-made solution at a cost there also needs to be scrutiny and auditing of its features, functionalities and security threats.

Below is a briefing on white-label crypto exchange applications, its advantages, mandatory technical and security aspects, how to launch your own platform and much more.

A brief look at a White-Label Crypto Exchange:

Developing a crypto exchange platform from scratch will take time, effort, innovation and of course this all comes with a cost. Extensive meetings, Dev team calls, brand team calls, functionality sessions, wire frames etc. After all the planning is done then the anxiety ridden execution process starts. The trading platform is launched! Outreached to the community audience! Alas, the launch can either smoothly or go bust in an instant.

This problem is solved by the exchange messiah, the white label solution. For those who aren’t aware: White-label crypto solutions are off-the-rack crypto exchanges that can be customised with unique brand settings. The software is integrated with built-in functionalities, features, security aspects, and bug fixes to support the exchange application. Innovators and investors can personalise the name, brand, logo, UI/UX of the exchange application with white-label exchange software and launch the platform in a few steps.

They are time saving as well as cost-saving too. Already, tested for the production environment, ensures zero errors after launch. One doesn’t have to go through different phases of development to ensure functionality. The cost saved in development can be invested in promoting the exchange and buying prime advertisement property across the web. It saves time, goes instantly, from ideation to execution. Isn’t utilising first mover advantage the key to supernatural gains?

The benefits of white-label crypto exchange platforms are plenty here, we have listed down a few of them:

Benefits of White-Label Crypto Exchanges

· Customised Branding.

· Customised crypto listings.

· Customised listing and transaction fees.

· Multiple financial analysis and calculations.

· Easy to view UI.

· Easy to navigate UX.

· Technically robust.

· Significant reduction in development time and cost.

· The white-label software is highly reliable and available round the clock as the application is tested end-to-end before launch.

· Enables instant launch of the application.

Ideofuzion (Pvt.) Ltd., utilising its 5 years of Blockchain development expertise has launched a white-label solution for investors, innovators and developers that is customisable to each unique brand. Boasting a team of dedicated professionals to build and deliver readymade exchange solutions with complete end-to-end QA testing. Our white-label exchange applications are robust, intuitive, scalable, ergonomic, and feature-packed with solid security wallets. The technical aspects we deliver with our white-label crypto exchange application!

Features of White-Label Crypto Exchange:

· Supports over 140 cryptocurrencies

· Provides best crypto to crypto rates

· Supports multilingual browsers

· Integrated multi-signature support on wallets

· Instant KYC/AML verification process

· Integrated API and SDK

· Powerful trading and matching engine

· Ergonomic admin panel

· Elegant User-interface

· Integrated with liquidity API

· Supports multiple devices

· OS compatibility

White-label crypto exchanges provide a customised and tailored trading environment to the users. This provides an ideal place for all the stakeholders to gain maximum advantage of the platform.

If you are looking for a next-gen business to grow and build some attractive deals in the crypto space, then purchasing the white-label crypto exchange should be on top of your list to gain a foothold in the crypto space. Easy install, configure, and customise the white-label exchange solutions should be the go-to product for any crypto investor. Interested in launching your idea into the ‘crypto-sphere’ without the hassle and costly delays.

If you have an idea that you will like to see in a working image, get in touch with our team today!

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